Conservation Co-operative Homes

Welcome! The Conservation Co-op is one of two housing co-operatives located in Strathcona Heights, south part of Sandy Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We have a view of the Rideau River.

Vacancies: There are, sometimes, vacancies.

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[Photo from roof of courtyard] (c) 1997 Richard Guy Briggs [Photo of a window] (c) 1997 Richard Guy Briggs

There are a number of awards and articles discussing interesting features of the building.

A number of members of our coop have web pages.

We offer an internet presence to groups in our community.

There are email lists that provide a means of communication between co-op members and committees.

More building photos, member pages, etc. coming soon. Ideas, contributors and translations Welcome.

Here is a list of links to organisations relevant to us.

* ConsCoOp is associated with: Co-Op Voisins, OX, Flora, Sandelman, Striker

Please support Green and Coop values by using Open Source systems and application software.

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